Catering Grand Central by Spira 

Make your choice, 1 alternative for all your guests, we provide alternatives for special diets. Please place your order at least 48 hours in advance.

Alternative 1

Spira food box Asia style (served cold)

Swedish chicken with noodles, sesame, chili, roasted vegetables, beans, sprouts and ginger mayo 99kr/p

Alternative 2

Spira food box (served cold)

Swedish roast beef - potato salad with cream, vegetables, roasted onion, leaves and pickles 99kr/p

Alternative 3


Chicken, potato, vegetables, pickled onion, leaves and herb mayo 95kr/p

Alternative 4


Smoked salmon, potato, vegetables, pickled onion and herb mayo 95kr/p

Alternative 5


Salami, brie, tomato, leaves and pesto 85kr/p

Alternative 6


West coast – Skagen, smoked salmon, egg, leaves, vegetables, lemon…………………… 195kr/p

Alternative 7


Assorted cheese and vegetable pie  with tomato salad, leaves and olives 95kr/p

Alternative 8


Roman lettuce, parmesan cream, chicken, bacon, parmesan flakes, potato and croutons 99kr/p 

Alternative 9

Todays lunch – take away box – choose from todays menu – fish, vegetarian or meat – with bread, butter and salad 95kr


Loka 20kr

Soda 25kr

Fresh fruit 20kr

Candy 20kr

Soft cake in a cup with creme and topping 35kr

Cinnamon bun 25kr

Danish pastry 25kr

Cookie/ chocolate truffle 20kr




Delivery in house free of charge

Delivery to other buildings in Lundby 250kr

All prices ex vat.

Ordering routines by e mail


Step 1 - request

Date, place and time for delivery/pick up

Type of food and beverages and other requests

Amount of guests and special diets/requests


SPIRA answers with a confirmation


Step 2

Other information we need to get to your place

Contact person for delivery with telephone number

We send an EBD data to you for placing PO

Spira food Parma ID 1103737