Volvo mingle food and buffés

Our tasty mingle food is delivered beautifully presented in small brown compostable cups. Choose the tastes you like for your guests. 

Mingle food in compostable cups  

Minimum 20 people - choose the same options for all your guests

(less than 20 people - we cook from what we have in house)

(place your order at least 48 hours before, in shorter notice, call us)


  • Our own smoked cod (MSC) with browned butter cream, small potatoes, fennel and dill


  • Salmon (ASC) with soy, kimchi made in house, ginger creme, gem lettuce, coriander and organic almond


  • Softbaked swedish chicken, roasted Jerusalem artichoke, pumpkin, crudite of flowergreens, herb mayo and roasted seeds


  • Locally produced cured ham, roasted buck wheat, roots, baked organic egg, shiitake mushroom, parsley cream and cress


  • Baked beets seasoned with black currant, goat cheese creme, roasted goat cheese, spinach and dried ray bread


  • Roasted vegetables seasoned with cured lemon, dried tomatoes, organic lentils, arugola and creme seasoned with tarragon and roasted garlic


  • Sweet: Brownie, raspberries, salted caramel, meringue and almond 

45kr/st ex moms

 How much food is it?

  • 3 cups equals a starter - perfect for mingle with drinks
  • 5 cups equals a lunch or dinner

    All our mingle food is easy to eat standing with a small fork

Buffé Europe

Minimum 30 people 

(place your order at least 48 hours before, in shorter notice, call us)


  • Soft baked swedish chicken with roasted garlic, dried seeds and herbes


  • Pork neck with thyme, caramelized onion, zucchini and olives


  • Fresh, pickled and dried tomatoes, crumbled mozzarella cheese and basil


  • Small potatoes with goat cheese, parsley and pickled onion


  • Pasta sallad with fresh bayleaf, roasted belle pepper, capers and arugola


  • Sour dough focaccia with herbes and seasalt


  • Cream cheese with cured organic lemon 


  • KRAV butter  

 225kr/person ex vat

Buffé Sustainable Green - vegetarian

Minimum 30 people 

(place your order at least 48 hours before, in shorter notice, call us)


  • Baked organic egg ("omelette") with aged swedish cheese, fennel - caramelized and crudité, spinach and pickled red onion


  • Roasted cauliflower with fresh bayleaf, seared organic tofu, lentils and organic almonds with seasalt


  • Sallad with toasted chick peas, pointed cabbage, roasted mushrooms, chili and parsley


  • Sallad with KRAV buckwheat, beans, broccoli, green leaves and beansprouts


  • Ashed small potatoes with roasted garlic, jerusalem artichoke, pumkin and lemon


  • Tarragon mayo made from swedish organic eggs


  • Bread and KRAV butter

195kr/person ex vat






Buffé west sweden

Minimum 30 people 

(place your order at least 48 hours before, in shorter notice, call us)


  • Beef from West sweden with pickled vegetables, horseraddish, parsley and fried onion


  • Salmon (ASC) baked with spices, roasted cauliflower, pickled cucumber, spinach and browned butter creme


  • Matjes herring with organic egg, pickled apple, fennel crudité, chives and dill


  • Rostade och råhyvlade säsongsgrönsaker smaksatta med citron, prästost och färska lagerblad Roasted vegetables in season with lemon, crudité of greens, aged swedish cheese and bayleaf


  • Small potatoes with our own mustard, tarragon and pickled red onion


  • Roasted organic buckwheat with mushroom from Östragärde gård, pumkin and sunflower seeds


  • Green leaves in season


  • Chlorophyll creme seasoned with fennel seeds


  • Bread and KRAV butter


  • Strandknäcke (crispbread)

 285kr/person ex moms


Ordering number: 070-780 84 14


Delivery in house free of charge

Delivery to other buildings in Lundby  250kr

Delivery outside office hours in Lunby 450kr

Staff 07-17 - 350kr/hour – book separately and pay after the event

Staff outside office hours 450kr/hour

All prices ex vat.

Ordering routines by e mail
Step 1 - request
Date and time för delivery/pick up
Type of food and beverages and other requests
Amount of guests and special diets/requests
SPIRA answers with a confirmation 
Step 2 
Adress and other information we need to get to your place
Name of purchaser and personal referencenumber 
Contact person for delivery with telephone number
We send a bill to cost center monthly